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Services description

  • Laser cutting

    Modern laser cutting machines achieve high precision and accuracy in fabrication of components out of metal sheets with the thickness of 0.5-25.00mm. Using precise and highly-efficient CNC equipment along with the other methods of metal works provides additional opportunities for fabrication of considerable volumes in short time. Our equipment allows reduplicating geometrical parameters providing high dimensional precision.

  • Abrasive water jet cutting

    Highly pressurized water jet cutting does not limit clients in choosing virtually any kind of material. Our equipment allows us to cut metal, wood, glass, plastic, glazed tile, stone and other sheet or plate material. Water jet cutting does not have any heat affected zones. Moreover, such materials as rubber, glass and stone can be processed only with this method. Water jet cutting machine features working area of 2000mm x 3000mm and automatic program control (CNC) that allows achieving high accuracy of 0.5mm by 3m in length.

  • Sheet metal bending

    Our equipment provides high quality bending and is capable of complex production with minimal tolerance. With extensive machinery tools every bending operation is optimized and conducted with high precision. Bending length is up to 3 meters and sheet metal gauge is from 0.5mm to 10mm.

  • Sheet metal perforation

    One of the processes of sheet metal working is the hole punching method – perforation. By using this method the fabrication of the metal plates that do not have complex curved shapes becomes much faster and economically more advantageous. Highly-precise CNC machine allows to work with metal sheets gauge from 0.8mm to 3.2mm.

  • Turning and milling works

    “Metkon” offers fabrication services of different products using CNC turning and milling equipment. These machines are noted for high performance, precision and reliability. They are used for the following types of work: turning, milling, both ferrous and nonferrous metal works (mechanical metal working), drilling and boring works from customer’s drawings. Our equipment can process parts up to 1000mm in length, 350mm in diameter, to a precision of 0.01mm.

  • Welding works

    “Metkon” uses welding equipment that allows welding components and joints of nonferrous metal, stainless steel and aluminum. There are different types of welding: TIG, MIG and resistance welding.

  • Powder coating

    Powder coating services are used for painting metal details in any color based on the RAL color scale using only powder paint of the most well-known and quality-proven fabricators. “Metkon” offers high-quality painting for any kind of metalware: metal profiles, sheet metal as well as non-standard items of any shape.

About us

  • “Metkon” is a modern, dynamically developing, manufacturing company offering its services in Latvia, EU and Russia. “Metkon” was founded in 1996. Main business scope of the company is metalwork. Our production facilities feature the most up-to-date equipment for sheet

  • metal works, CNC turning and milling machines, powder coating of metalware, welding equipment for nonferrous metal, stainless steel and aluminum. With their vast experience our engineers will always help you to find the most ultimate solution for every particular order.

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