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Laser cutting

Modern laser cutting machines achieve high precision and accuracy in fabrication of components out of metal sheets with the thickness of 0.5-25.00mm. Using precise and highly-efficient CNC equipment along with the other methods of metal works provides additional opportunities for fabrication of considerable volumes in short time. Our equipment allows reduplicating geometrical parameters providing high dimensional precision.


  • Sheet metal perforation

    One of the processes of sheet metal working is the hole punching method – perforation...


  • “Metkon” offers sheet metal working services using the latest technology. For metal-roll works as well as other materials our company use large park of CNC machine tools:

    • Bending machines - 100 ton and 170 ton
    • Turret punching machines
    • CNC laser cutting machines – 2 and 4 kW
    • CNC abrasive water jet cutting machines
    • CNC turning and milling machines
  • “Metkon” provides a full package of metal work services from initial project development to delivering final product. Clients of “Metkon” come from different industries:

    • Machinery and machine-tool manufacturing
    • Construction
    • Trade and food industry
    • Design and advertisement
    • Banks, self-administered organizations and other authorities


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