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Abrasive water jet cutting

Highly pressurized water jet cutting does not limit clients in choosing virtually any kind of material. Our equipment allows us to cut metal, wood, glass, plastic, glazed tile, stone and other sheet or plate material. Water jet cutting does not have any heat affected zones. Moreover, such materials as rubber, glass and stone can be processed only with this method. Water jet cutting machine features working area of 2000mm x 3000mm and automatic program control (CNC) that allows achieving high accuracy of 0.5mm by 3m in length.


  • Welding works

    “Metkon” uses welding equipment that allows welding components and joints of nonferrous metal, stainless steel and aluminum...


  • “Metkon” offers sheet metal working services using the latest technology. For metal-roll works as well as other materials our company use large park of CNC machine tools:

    • Bending machines - 100 ton and 170 ton
    • Turret punching machines
    • CNC laser cutting machines – 2 and 4 kW
    • CNC abrasive water jet cutting machines
    • CNC turning and milling machines
  • “Metkon” provides a full package of metal work services from initial project development to delivering final product. Clients of “Metkon” come from different industries:

    • Machinery and machine-tool manufacturing
    • Construction
    • Trade and food industry
    • Design and advertisement
    • Banks, self-administered organizations and other authorities


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